Jacob McMillen – The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course

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Jacob McMillen – The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course
Original Price: $698
You Just Pay: $89.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Jacob McMillen
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Jacob McMillen – The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course
Original Price: $698
You Just Pay: $89.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Jacob McMillen
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Lucas89

Learn how to write exceptional copy that drives sales, excites clients, and puts money in your pocket.
The first step to becoming a successful writer is learning how to write.
You know this. Everyone else knows. This type of training makes up the majority of most copywriting courses.
Where most courses will give you tips, tricks, and techniques, I give a complete, exhaustive system for writing copy in three key areas:
Website copy
Email copy
Blog content
These are the three most lucrative writing services you can offer online, and I take you through the process, step-by-step, of writing each type of copy within the context of offering it as a service. To PROVE how serious I am about “step by step” training, I published my lesson on website copywriting for free on my blog. Check it out here.
The other issue that most training doesn’t address is that it’s not enough to just write good copy for the end user. At the end of the day, your client is the one paying your check, NOT the end users it’s written for. I’ll show you how to involve the client in a way that gets them excited about what you are writing while also driving sales and putting money in your pocket.
Learn how to land clients immediately AND build a stream of high quality leads that come straight to you, month after month, no cold pitching or prospecting required.
There are only two ways to land clients. By going out and pitching to them or by having them come to you directly.
Setting up a system that brings them to you takes time…. like 6-12 months time. Pitching brings them in NOW.
The problem I see with most freelancer training is that it only really focuses on one of these areas. Either you learn how to pitch, make some decent money now, and then three years later, you are still having to constantly pitch and barely making any more than you were at the beginning.
OR, you learn how to build a lead system, but you aren’t making any money in the short term and you burn out.
I’ll show you how to do both. With my system, you’ll be able to land clients now, AND you’ll be investing a small portion of your time each week building a channel that will eliminate your need to pitch within the next 6-12 months.
The channel I used for this was SEO. I was able to rank on the front page for stuff like “website copywriter”, “professional copywriter”, “expert copywriter”, etc. You’d be surprised at how easy this was, and the opportunity is still WIDE open, because so few copywriters understand SEO. I’ve gotten so good at it, that I’m now ranking front page for much more difficult search terms like “copywriter” (Don’t take my word for it. Go check).
If I had been teaching you this earlier in my career, I just would have taught you SEO, but I’ve learned that everyone has different strengths, and SEO isn’t for everyone. After interviewing all of my six-figure writing friends, I’ve realized there’s actually three different ways to build a six-figure recurring leads channel, and the one that works best for each person will be different.
I’ll teach you all three… step-by-step.
Learn how to setup and launch your freelance writing business, run it like a true professional, and become a recognized, sought-after authority in your niche.
If I’m being honest, the previous two topics are really all you need to hit six figures… but they aren’t everything that goes into being a successful freelancer, and my goal for this course is to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know.
That’s why the final topic area I cover is setting up, running, and evolving your business.
I’ll show you how to setup your business (including your brand, website, etc). I’ll show you all the key processes you need to run your business, onboard clients, and manage client relationships. And I’ll show you how to evolve your business over time to become a recognized player in your niche.
I’m not a celebrity, but people in the marketing niche know who I am. They know my friends as well. If you follow my training, within a few years, they’ll know your name too.
How The Course Works
I’ve broken the entire freelancing experience into 5 pivotal modules:
Module #1: Learn How To Write Copy
In this module, I’ll teach the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting AND show you exactly how to write the three most lucrative forms of copy: website copy, email copy, and longform blog content. I’ll take you step by step through the process of writing the copy itself AND delivering the copy as a service to your clients.
Module #2: Learn How To Launch Your Freelance Business
In this module, I’ll walk you step by step through choosing your brand, niche, and service, launching your website, and creating your freelance workflows and processes. If you’re on a tight budget, I’ll show you the cheapest ways to get this all done while maintaining a high level of quality. If you have some additional capital to invest, I’ll show you where spending a bit more now will give you ideal results and save you a ton of time and money in the long run.
Module #3: Learn How To Get Clients NOW
In this module, I’ll show you the RIGHT way to pitch. Pitching is the ONLY way to get clients now, but most freelance writers make it way harder than it has to be and shoot themselves in the foot at every step in the process. I’ll show you where to pitch, how to pitch, how to close sales when you get an opening, and how to upsell small projects and “bad clients” into large, recurring contracts.
Module #4: Learn How To Bring Clients To You
In this module, I’ll show you how to build a marketing channel that brings a steady stream of high-paying clients straight to you, month after month, no pitching, cold calling, or prospecting required. This is the ONLY difference between copywriters making $50k per year versus $100k per year. I’ll teach you three different ways to do this, and you can choose the one that best fits your personality and strengths.
Module #5: Learn How To Become More Than A Writer
In this module, I teach you how to transition from freelance writer to niche authority and marketing consultant, allowing you to command higher rates, land larger gigs, and have the freedom to do whatever you want with your career. The only reason writing is such a reliable way to make six figures today is because it’s an integral part of online marketing and sales. By learning how your writing fits into that ecosystem, you can essentially promote yourself within the ecosystem and occupy whatever role you desire.


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